PATENTED 40% GAS SAVING XINQI COOKER - පේටන්ට් සහිත සින්චි කුකර් වල වාසි!

Flame Colour Temperature Chart

Why is a Gas Flame Blue? What Temperature is it?

Blue Flame vs Yellow Gas Flame Colour

Flame Colour Temperature Chart — Blue & Yellow Gas Flames

Temperatures are approximate Blue flame assume complete combustion.

Gas Stove Temperature

And Why is it Important?

Blue Flame = Complete Combustion

Red/Yellow Flame = Incomplete Combustion

Why is a Blue Gas Flame Safer?

What Colour Should the Flame be in a Gas Oven?

Why is There a Blue Flame in Burning LPG Gas and a Yellow Flame on Burning Wood?

Combustion and Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon Monoxide

How Does a Blue Flame Save You Money?

Final Thoughts




Life is a rollercoaster! Love the free fall!

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Chan Kulatunga

Chan Kulatunga

Life is a rollercoaster! Love the free fall!

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