Tech has always been a wonderful place to be. There are very interesting developments happening each day. PCs become commonplace, smartphones skyrocket and fully functional micro personal computer in everyone’s hand. From infants to 60 year old, this changes everything we touch from cars to retail to healthcare!

Mobile phone penetration against the world population.

What we see in front of us is far a more interesting rabbit hole than the 1.5 billion peaked PCs that we are leaving behind. This is the Post-PC rise of the Golden Age of Software. With the emerge of the Enterprise App Stores, Internet of Things, EV and autonomous Cars and beyond. This may even lead us to some Artificial Intelligence The Matrix day someday.

A fully functional micro computer is targeted to be on 7 billion up and growing every man’s hands by 2020 and beyond! Smartphone is the first ever electronic device in the world which is an up sell for 7 billion of world’s entire populations. Wow! Forget commonplace Android, even Apple has sold about 175M iPhone units in the last year!

The Age of the Internet is all about how people interact, process and utilize the vast information at their fingertips. This is a decade old Year 2000 Promise of Dot Com Boom. Delivered. As the famous Netscape guy Marc Andreessen have put it with the emerge of the App Stores, “Software is Eating the World

Now software is disrupting everything it touches on earth.

No one can really stay unconnected anymore. Technology is breaking new grounds as it has never been possible before. These rapid changes are very important to be stirred and understood by every corporate executive and entrepreneur alike. Business community has to be vigilant as ever before and get the best helpful ingredients of this Internet & Software Age for their economic and opportunity benefit, or else suffer the consequences of the famous demise of Nokia or Blackberry likes.

Software is already fast becoming lifeblood of every person on earth. Specially for the people who runs business. From far corner of a small flower boutique to multi-million-dollar enterprises are falling for this software driven economy utilization. As tech savvy crowd our opportunities have never been better in history! new opportunities are lurking in every corner of our lives!

When social networks come into their own, when they realize their power is not in any one feature but in the network itself, famously called as network effect. Indicative of a network achieving self-awareness. A feature is trivial to copy. A network, on the other hand, is like a series of atoms that have bonded into a molecule. Not so easy to split.

When software is eating the world, networks are going to eat an out-sized share of the world because they capitalize on the Internet with so called social graph. Every professional services, education, journalism, medicine, law, advertising, video, music, publishing, transportation, finance, retail, to everything — networks are going to enter in to those spaces faster than those industries can turn themselves into networks. That some of our first generation online social networks and software platforms have begun self-actualizing is just the beginning of that movement.

There in the lines lies a huge vacuum for new business to emerge. This is the age of an individual has the power of scale at their fingertips. Say this article can hit the world faster that any New York Times Newspaper hit the doorstep in traditional distribution fashion. What Amazon is the same power applied to retail etc.

But it was not that important when we catch up with the tends in 2010 when the world was going haywire over the native apps with the emerge of the App Stores in 2015. Because parade may already have left us behind. There are these grey areas where we would have been better if we did invest on them early. Have a clear picture of what is going on amidst a sea of technology shifts and drifts across many industries.

These opportunity windows are rare crown jewels to monetize or make use of that are closing as faster as they open. Identifying tech shifts and drifts are so important for any individual entrepreneur or businesses be successful, because as in life and everything else Shi(f)t Happens. And if you consider yourself as NOKIA’s burning platform from hero to zero would take only 5 years!

Lessons are even worth re-learning, that is what tells Apple iPhone tells Nokia, Palm, Blackberry or Stripe tells to PayPal or Apple Pay tells to Square, to be bounced back, if they could, you have to know what hit where and why.

Presumably Square, and even PayPal found them off guard with Apple Pay and Stripe. Both are prime examples of software and hardware disruption for well established business.

Just few lines of Stripe payment API

The beauty of the Stripe payment API for developers brought shivers to PayPal, a decade old famous online payment powerhouse. How on earth PayPal did miss to incorporate this to their decade old payment business?

The beauty of Apple Pay with Touch ID, Tokenisation and hardware security at your fingertips, nearly 200M units sold, already in consumer hands. Banks or retailers have no choice but to accept it.

For the argument sake I strongly believe Nokia could have made iPhone like phone around 2005 when they released the Nokia NSeries (N70) if Nokia was open to 2000 Dot Com Promise or saw the software revolution taking shape, or PayPal could have come up with a solution like www.stripe.com much before, at least by the time Apple released the original iPhone with full fledged mobile Internet and later with App-Store if PayPal had something cooking in their mind. This was well holding true since I first saw PayPal a decade ago, or later other internet payment solutions, then Square, recently Stripe and now even after Apple Pay. There have been at least 10 years gap! I was so wowed to be able to make PayPal account with my AMEX Card to buy something remotely from eBay in 2001 and get it delivered to doorstep!

It’s obvious the stakes are very high for any of the traditional business to be re-invented for the Internet by mobility of software (smartphones). See that even Apple didn’t try it to disrupt the credit cards with Apple Pay. Apple just went along with the existing card infrastructure as it best suited for them, introducing much requested hardware tokenisation for their ecosystem advantage rather than they be in the crossroads of the banking/ payment/ finance industry. There in the lines still lies the opportunity window for a true future payment system that do not even rely on card processing, or rather disrupt itself. (for example Bitcoins)

There is no harm keep looking for the clues!

Like these stories I’ve been following tech trends as a hobby and have able to grasp them early on. These also have personally benefited me much. So I thought of sharing them with the community in a meaningful fashion as and when time permits. This was something cooking in me, A newsletter about these Tech, Trends and Drifts. Hence FutureDrafted-Tech Newsletter was born. If you like to get it in your inbox and read it leisurely, please send an me email to futuredrafted(AT)gmail(DOT)com with the subject line as SUBSCRIBE. Or send a Personal Message (PM) of your email in our www.facebook.com/futuredrafted page. I hope it will be worthwhile. Promise, your emails will be safe and secure in industry best secure servers and will not be spammed.

Also feel free to Like us and pass it to anyone who would be interested in reading future FutureDrafted articles.

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You also can help in this cause. If you too have something to share with the audience, Future Drafted will be a forum for your ideas to be shared or discussed. Future Drafted Facebook comments will be open for you to post related stuff and links when you join in. If you think it will be help to anyone alike, please do share it. Remember to stay on the topic. We will include the interesting ones in Future Drafted Newsletter with due credit. That will help the everyone to drive these worthwhile tech tends to a viable career or business development proposition.

It’s always good to be in sync with the tech trends and respond to them where necessary being an agile business.

Looking for all of your highs and knives!





Life is a rollercoaster! Love the free fall!

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Chan Kulatunga

Chan Kulatunga

Life is a rollercoaster! Love the free fall!

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